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Stardraw applications utilize the latest in software technology to offer unparalleled ease of use, speed and flexibility.

Stardraw Design 7


Our seventh-generation design/documentation tool for systems integrators.

  • New, product/project-based architecture
  • One project file contains all your drawings, data and reports
  • Changes made in one view ripple through to other views
  • Configurable, modular application
  • Simpler, faster, more powerful drawing tools
  • Library of over 78,000 symbols of products from 725 manufacturers
  • AutoCAD, Visio, Acrobat compatible

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Stardraw Control 2010

A new approach to offering software control of devices from diverse manufacturers.

  • Control any product over any protocol
  • Create and program customized User Interfaces without writing code
  • Compile standalone and Client/Server control programs
  • Host control programs and UIs on any PC device
  • The cost-effective solution for advanced control systems

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Microsoft Gold Partner Autodesk Authorized Developer
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