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Stardraw Control supports Apple iPad

April 12th, 2010 - As the first shipments of Apple's much-discussed iPad roll off of the production lines and into the eager hands of US consumers (delivery dates in Europe are still vaguely described as "end of April") software provider confirms and demonstrates support of the iPad through their universal system control platform, Stardraw Control 2010.

There's been a lot of debate about the features (and possible failings) of the iPad but in the view of CEO David Snipp, the device has great potential in the control market. "Having used an iPad for a few weeks now, I have to say that I'm impressed with its speed and versatility, and amazed at its battery life. It's clear that it will excel as a touchpanel interface for system control as long as it has the right back-end, by which I mean, of course, Stardraw Control."

The iPad features a 9.7" 1024x768 touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 10 hour in-use battery life (30 days on standby) and, at a slender 0.5" thickness, it weighs in at around 1½ pounds (0.68kg). Snipp continued, "The form factor and technical specs are such that the iPad could almost have been designed specifically as a user-interface device for system control and, since pricing starts at less than USD500, it makes one wonder why anyone would spend maybe ten times more on a ‘proprietary' touchscreen. The iPad is great way to deliver more to the end user at a lower cost, with the advantage that it's a sexy gadget."

It is by virtue of support for Webservices that Stardraw Control can employ the iPad, or indeed any device that supports a browser or talks HTTP, as a user interface device. Webservices permit direct machine-to-machine communications, and the complementary technology "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) makes for a very rich, bi-directional user experience delivered through standard HTML. Where Stardraw Control has long claimed to control any hardware over any protocol, it can now itself be controlled and monitored by anything that is browser- or HTTP-enabled, including the iPad.

"It is important," says Snipp, "to note that we are not using an App to deliver the control interface: Apps as understood in the context of the App Store are restrictive commercially, logistically and technologically. Instead we are using WebApp technology which delivers a user experience indistinguishable from an App but with far more flexibility and no restrictions. Systems integrators can now build great-looking UIs and deliver them through the device of their choice, including the iPad, to control and monitor any hardware in any system using Stardraw Control." demonstrates use of the iPad as a system control device at

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