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February 2007 saw the website deliver more than 200GB of data in a single month for the first time. Marketing Director Rob Robinson explains, "We saw a significant jump in the volume of data distributed through which coincided with the release of the 2007 versions of our design/documentation and control applications. Although this was predicted as people upgraded to the new versions, it's interesting and gratifying that the monthly average since February now sits at 178GB/month: that's up 75% on the average for the 6 months prior to February 2007 and means that the market is taking ever greater advantage of the services we provide. In 2007 we've delivered more than 1.3Terabytes of information, and that's just to the end of August." has delivered all its products exclusively through its website since January 2002. In addition to the initial installation of long-established design/documentation tools like Stardraw AV 2007 and Stardraw Lighting 2D 2007, users employ the website to download program updates and to access libraries of more than 55,000 high-quality symbols. However, since most Stardraw users only use a small proportion of the libraries, choosing just the brands they need from 450+ manufacturer libraries, and since the average symbol size is less than 20KB, symbols alone cannot explain the massive growth in website usage. Nor indeed can it be put down exclusively to increased numbers of users - Stardraw AV and its siblings are very efficient applications with an installed total filesize, excluding symbols, of only 17MB or thereabouts.

It is clear the huge growth can, in fact, be linked most closely to's new products and the increasing number and use of OEM implementations. Third party (OEM) applications based on Stardraw technologies, including RCI Custom's PanelBuilder, Middle Atlantic Products' RackTools 3.0, and Simply Reliable Software's SRS Draw, all utilize's webservers to deliver program files and data. Meanwhile the Stardraw Control family has been received with great excitement throughout the industry. With around 7,000 installations, Stardraw Control's growing userbase enjoys and takes full advantage of the immediacy of seamless web updates to the multi award-winning application.

Summing up, Robinson commented. "The web stats confirm that our innovative business models, advanced delivery systems and cutting edge products are currently in use by around 24,000 people worldwide - and that figure doesn't include the more than 1,000 monthly demo downloads of our design/documentation applications. The continuing trend in 2007 means we will exceed the 2TB mark for data delivered in a single year - that's a colossal amount of information and a clear indicator of the value of our products and services in the global marketplace."

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Since 1995 has been a leading provider of software solutions to the entertainment technology sector, offering a range of award-winning system design, documentation and control applications as well as providing OEM software solutions for corporate customers. With offices in London and New York, regional partners and an installed customer base of almost 40,000 users spanning 82 countries, is focussed on serving the international marketplace, and delivers leading-edge solutions that exploit the very latest in software technologies.

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