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Stardraw Control - shipping now!

It is with real excitement that can announce immediate availability of the release version of its award-winning application, Stardraw Control. Over 2400 systems specialists took part in the beta test phase prior to this launch, and a great deal of their feedback has been used to enhance and improve Stardraw Control's interface and featureset.

Stardraw Control has been developed to create customized user interfaces that can control any product from any manufacturer over any protocol including TCP/IP, Infra-Red, RS232, DMX, UDP, EtherSound and CobraNet The interfaces you create are compiled to a single .exe file that can be deployed and run on any windows device, from touchscreen to TabletPC to PC, while support for multiple interface devices (that offer, for example, TCP/IP to IR, RS232 to IR, TCP/IP to RS232 etc) allows users to select from a wide range of components to create an integrated control system. This means that control systems can be more flexible and cost-effective than ever before.

Stardraw Control's property-based programming interface means that users can define any control UI, catch any event, and specify any action without having to write any code or understand any programming language. For instances where more complex programming is required, e.g. to write a driver using TCP/IP or RS232, or to create a script, Stardraw Control contains a C# scripting interface that includes Intellisense and that can reflect upon existing scripts written in any language.

Fully functional demo control programs can be compiled at no cost and deployed for demonstration, testing and approval. Stardraw Control's comprehensive debug utility lets you view all events and track errors as your program is running, taking the guesswork out of debugging a system.

Its unique commercial model means that systems employing Stardraw Control technology are the most cost-effective option for customized, comprehensive system control. A flat licensing fee of $500 per project allows systems integrators to compile licensed, unrestricted control programs and permits re-compilations with changes for a full year. Coupled with freedom of choice of hardware to be used and elimination of the need for specialist or third-party programming, Stardraw Control gives you the opportunity to save literally $000s on even small-scale control systems.

Recent enhancements introduced to the release version of Stardraw Control include the following:

  • All-new Topology View with fast drag/drop connections, auto-routing and rubber-banding
  • New Product Wizard to allow creation of new controllable products in just a few mouseclicks
  • Actions Wizard - a new and more intuitive interface to make system programming even faster and easier
  • New script editor with Intellisense features
  • Driver creation and publishing tools - write your own device drivers and share them with colleagues and other Stardraw Control users
  • Support for conditional actions
  • Deployment by single, standalone .exe
  • Expanded IR code database
  • Discrete driver support for products from Aurora Multimedia, Digigram, Global Caché, Harman Kardon, NetCira, QSC, Rane and Xantech.
  • Transparent updating facility - automatically installs all new features, products and drivers.

Notes to Editor

Since 1995 has been a leading provider of software solutions to the entertainment technology sector, offering a range of award-winning system design, documentation and control applications as well as providing OEM software solutions for corporate customers. With offices in London and New York, regional partners and an installed customer base of almost 40,000 users spanning 82 countries, is focussed on serving the international marketplace, and delivers leading-edge solutions that exploit the very latest in software technologies.

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