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Stardraw and Ramtech Industries hammer out Ramtech Metalworks Designer powered by Stardraw

Ramtech Industries, a leading developer and manufacturer of pro audio snakes, stageboxes, multi-pin connectors and cables as well as custom audio interfaces, is to launch Ramtech Metalworks Designer powered by Stardraw at NSCA 2007. Metalworks Designer is a new software tool for the design and production of custom control and connection panels that has been designed and developed by software providers,

According to Stardraw managing director and CEO, David Snipp, Metalworks Designer is a truly 'next-generation' product that takes full advantage of the Stardraw engine to deliver an application that is fast, intuitive and extremely simple to use.

"This is the very first application to be developed on next-generation technology, by which I mean that it runs on .NET 2.0," explained Snipp. "This means that it can run on any .NET-supported platform, e.g. any device running Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. Unlike other similar applications we have developed in the past, Metalworks Designer is not designed to run in a web page for the simple reason that Internet, despite what we may think, is NOT everywhere. Computers, on the other hand, which are getting less expensive and more powerful by the day, are. For this reason we designed Metalworks Designer on a 'Rich Client' model that takes full advantage of the power of the local machine as opposed to a 'Thin Client' model where all the intelligence is hosted on a server and an internet connection is required to access it. However, the new platform allows the user to work offline to design his panel, but as soon as an internet connection is detected, he has access to pricing, ordering facilities etc. It's a sophisticated solution that allows the client maximum flexibility wherever he is."

Kevin Kirchner, VP Sales at Ramtech, is extremely pleased with the results. "We've been using Stardraw for over four years now for in-house design work and assembly, but more and more of our clients were requesting a software program that would offer them a convenient and easy way to design and price custom jobs without them having to spend time on the phone explaining their needs. When we asked them what they needed and how they wanted it to work, the overwhelming response was, 'like Stardraw!' So we contacted Stardraw and started the design process."

"The entire project has gone extremely smoothly," continued Kirchner. "Stardraw has created a product that exceeds our expectations, providing customers with countless options and flexibility by allowing both on- and offline design and quoting, as well as the ability to use the finished drawings in their AutoCAD-based project designs. Furthermore, because we've effectively cut out the old outdated verbal approval process, production has been streamlined, and turnaround drastically diminished. All of this while creating an absolutely spot-on reproduction of the customer's vision. We could not be happier with the application that Stardraw has developed for us and we're excited to begin a second phase that will allow for advanced wiring options and expanded metal templates."

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