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Stardraw / ADA Announce Strategic Partnership

Software providers and acoustical modelling specialists Acoustic Design Ahnert (ADA) and its sister company Software Design Ahnert (SDA) have announced a strategic partnership which will offer their customers an interface between Stardraw's design and documentation applications and the acoustical modelling software EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers).

The first manifestation of this collaboration will be a web-based ceiling loudspeaker layout tool. Systems integrators needing to plan the distribution of ceiling speakers within any given space for optimum coverage will be able to do so within For example, begin by loading an AutoCAD floorplan in DWG format, then specify the area you wish to cover and select your loudspeakers from Stardraw's library. After defining simple coverage criteria such as ceiling height, listening height, loudspeaker configuration etc., Stardraw will then calculate how many speakers are required and where they should be placed. At this point a single click of the mouse delivers your data to EASE which analyses your drawing and returns the acoustical model of your design instantaneously.

Stardraw CEO David Snipp is looking forward to the opportunities that will be created by the collaboration between two industry-leading software providers. “Both Stardraw and ADA/SDA are the acknowledged leaders in our respective fields which, although different, are clearly related, so I'm very excited by the synergy that we are able to create using web-based technology. It is the most efficient and elegant way to optimize and combine our respective strengths and opens the door to even more powerful applications in the future.”

SDA CEO Stefan Feistel agrees. “We are essentially approaching the same issues but from completely different points of view. Stardraw's strengths lie in flat room planning and accessible software solutions, whereas our forte is in architectural and acoustical modelling and simulation. The opportunity to combine the two approaches in an easy-to-use web-based hybrid application opens up new markets for us both while offering the customer an even more effective tool for his system designs.”

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