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Following the release of Stardraw Control Beta 1 last month, software providers have announced the public availability of Stardraw Control Beta 2 with immediate effect, prior to its formal launch scheduled for NSCA.

A community of nearly 600 systems specialists was involved in the Beta 1 test phase and further participants in the Beta 2 test phase are similarly invited. Stardraw Control Beta 2 offers enhanced stability and applicability over the first Beta version, which was developed on the v2 platform, which is itself still in the beta testing stage. As there is no firm release date for framework v2, Stardraw has released Stardraw Control Beta 2 on v1.1, the current release version. "It will be very easy to port everything back over to v2 when it is formally released later this year," commented CEO David Snipp. "In the meantime, v1.1 has the advantage of being a shipping product and therefore stable and fully supported."

Other key differences include a greatly enhanced user interface that gives a whole new look and feel to the authoring environment, several new features and an improved library list structure that allows product selection by protocol, manufacturer and type. According to Stardraw marketing director Rob Robinson, "Given that the support of any protocol is a key element of Stardraw Control, the ability to search under protocol is a huge time-saver and a far more flexible way of getting to the product you're looking for."

Stardraw Control generates standalone, customized control programs that can manage any type of addressable equipment from any manufacturer over any communications infrastructure. Instead of being locked into closed architectures wherever system control, monitoring or signal routing has been required, Stardraw Control offers systems integrators an open, software-based, unified control framework that can manage his entire system with a single application, regardless of system complexity.

Like other Stardraw applications it is fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use; with a drag-drop interface and intuitive design environment, installers are able to configure systems and control them without having to write a single line of code. Utilization of technology means that control programs are portable and can run on any Windows-enabled device, from PC to PDA, or Mac, Linux and more. Importantly, Stardraw Control can communicate with and control any device using any protocol. Each protocol represents tens of thousands of products, making Stardraw Control infinitely flexible and scaleable. Protocols currently supported include TCP/IP, RS232, DMX, IR, EtherSound, CobraNET, infra-red, UDP, SNMP and QSC Net.

Stardraw Control's open architecture means that manufacturers can offer software control without the overhead of developing exclusive (and limited) software applications for individual products, and since Stardraw Control communicates with any existing device-specific Application Programming Interface (API), manufacturers can add support of their products without changing existing code or adding new hardware. For the duration of the Beta-test period, will undertake all work required to add support for products at no cost to the manufacturer. All the manufacturer has to do is supply a loan unit of the appropriate device with supporting documentation and will do the rest.

According to CEO David Snipp, “With Stardraw Control we have developed an open system that is universally applicable. Manufacturers like it because it conforms to any standard or protocol they choose, and installers are excited because it breaks the constraints on product selection and application programming that you get with closed-architecture systems. This is a winner at every level.”

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