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Stardraw Design 7

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Stardraw design/documentation applications have become the leading industry-specific software, in use by AV professionals in over 80 countries around the world.

Our seventh-generation application for AV systems integrators, Stardraw Design 7, is not just a drawing tool, but a fully integrated project design and documentation system, which is fast, easy to use, powerful and flexible, with access to a library of over 69,000 symbols from 701 of the industry's leading manufacturers.

What's New


Compared to our earlier design/documentation tools, Stardraw Design 7 is a completely new platform with a new, modular architecture that is designed to offer power and flexibility when designing and documenting integrated systems of all types.

  • Modular Structure: configure Stardraw Design 7 by choosing the drawing environments, utilities and data libraries you need - build a personalized application that suits your requirements and budget.
  • Project- and Product-Based Architecture: a single file contains all the data relating to your project including client and project details,  product details, all your drawings and all your reports in a single, easy-to-manage framework.
  • Project Dashboard: one master view gives you easy access to everything in your project.
  • Products View: a new grid view on all the products in your project.
  • Multi-tab Interface: all drawings are accessible at the same time, with each drawing on its own tab.
  • Linkage: make changes in one drawing or view and changes automatically apply to other drawings and views.
  • User Defined Product Wizard: a new and easy way to create your own product data, including all the symbols you need.
  • New Drawing Interface: faster and easier with many requested features including grab/pan, wireframe dragging, arrowheads, improved image support and new Properties Grid.
  • Updated DWG Filters: support of the latest versions of AutoCAD DWG formats.

Configuring your Application


Your personal application can be configured by selecting from drawing Modules, application Utilities and manufacturer Data Libraries.



Block Schematic

- for showing system interconnections. more...

Rack Layout

- for showing products in 19" rack enclosures. more...

Panel Layout

- for designing custom connection panels. more...

Pictorial Schematic

- for presentations. more...

Plan View (NEW!!)

- for floor- and ceiling plans. more...



DWG Import/Export

- read, write and edit AutoCAD files. more...

Products Grid

- grid view of the products in your project. more...


- output project data in formatted reports. more...

Data Libraries


The definitive source for graphical symbols to be used in project drawings.  Choose any manufacturer libraries you want, in blocks from 10 libraries up to 100 libraries.

With so many combinations and permutations of Modules, Utilities and Data available, we have created Bundles to make it easier and more cost-effective to start configuring your Stardraw Design 7 package.










Any 1


20 Libraries


Any 2

DWG Import/Export

30 Libraries


Any 3

DWG + Product Grid

50 Libraries


Any 4

DWG + Product Grid + Reporting

70 Libraries

Platinum Plus

Any 5

DWG + Product Grid + Reporting

100 Libraries

You can view pricing, choose and configure your Bundle and, if no Bundle exactly matches your requirements, add Modules, Utilities and Data to any Bundle, by following the link below.


Configure Stardraw Design 7

Block SchematicBlock Schematic

Rack LayoutRack Layout

Panel LayoutPanel Layout

Pictorial SchematicPictorial Schematic

Products GridDashboard - Products Grid

Reports ViewDashboard - Reports View

Drawings ViewDashboard - Drawings View

Project ViewDashboard - Project View

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