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Stardraw Control

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Adding Support for your Products

Stardraw Control 2010 has been designed to interface with any remotely-controlled or monitored device using any protocol. Its device database manages all information necessary to control a product, including the code itself, and Stardraw Control 2010 communicates with any existing Application Programming Interface (API) so that you can add your devices without re-writing a single line of existing code. There is no charge to manufacturers to support their devices through Stardraw Control.

Stardraw Control 2010:

  • Can control any device using any protocol
  • Does not require any changes to existing APIs
  • Is not subject to licensing fees

To Add Support for Your Products

To add support we only require the following:

  • Details of your company and who we should contact
  • A list of the products you want Stardraw Control 2010 to support
  • A loan of each product, if required, for testing/verification
  • Any available documentation detailing product functions and protocols

To begin the free process of adding support for your products to Stardraw Control 2010, please click on the link below to register.


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